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Benefits of Outsourcing your Bookkeeping

Posted on April 3, 2012 at 8:12 AM Comments comments (9)
The Benefits of a Bookkeeper:
This follows on from our previous blog: Why do I need a Bookkeeper and what do they do?
The first answer was - We save you money – you generate the sales and we’ll look after your hard earned cash. After all - Cash is King!
Our Second answer is - We save you Time!  
The benefit of having a bookkeeper is: We know our job; this is our area of expertise. You possess the skill set to start your own business, understand what it is you do, and run your company. We are a crucial element involved in this; we enable the smooth running of  a successful business. 
To make sure your company is running well and you're costing correctly you must have your financial information in order. This is what we do - The day to day maintenance and correct processing of your financial data - This is essential. It's like going to the dentist - You can leave it a year or more then go for a check up only to discover you need a root filling – Agghhhh I hear you say!  But if you’d been going for regular checkups/maintenance and had your hygienist appointments you wouldn’t have to go through this additional pain, stress and added cost because you’d been maintaining your teeth properly though out the year.
Bookkeeping is like this - We keep your financial data up together and we do it correctly.  You won't have to expend your time, or stress yourself out trying to keep on top of this as well as running your business. You won’t be hit by questions at the end of the year from your accountant asking what you’ve done, then trying to back track and discover you can’t actually remember what you did. As a bookkeeper we possess the correct qualifications and have the relevant experience to enable us to do this job smoothly and proficiently. You don’t have to worry about taking care of this as well as everything else. This means you spend less time on admin and chasing your tail. Instead you get to drive your company forward, plan your strategy's, have your cash flow up together and the data at your finger tips to know whether you can expand, or budget for a large expenditures.
Proprietor of a company who outsources their bookkeeping =
Admin – 10%, Tactical – 20%, Strategy – 70%
Proprietor of a company who does their own bookkeeping =
Admin – 70%, Tactical – 20%, Strategy – 10%